What we do

In our own courses or in partnership, guided by the result that each course seeks, we build learning experiences, both online and in-person, that enhance the abilities of our students.

As instruments of our projects we carry out:

  • Development of a Distance Learning methodology that provides student learning experience, this activity consists of concatenating the volume and adequacy of stimuli such as reading, live video, recorded video, face-to-face, evaluative activity, role play, forum and case study.
  • Planning and making available virtual learning environments, interactive, light and adaptable;
  • Studio structure and technological transmission infrastructure for the realization of live classes;
  • Academic secretarial activities, organizing the academic routines of coordinators, professors, tutors and students.
  • Operationally, to make a course feasible, two nuclei of activity are essential, the production of contents and its mediation.

Project in Progresshttp://mbasaude.fierp.org.br/

Project in Progress : http://faepa.br/ead/

Content Production Strategies

  • Live Video
  • Recorded video
  • Scripts
  • Books
  • Virtual Books
  • Podcasts
  • Case study
  • On-site classes
  • Role Play

Mediation Strategies

  • Discussion Forum
  • Group Work
  • Multiple Choice
  • Delphi Method
  • Collective Construction
  • Essay Questions
  • On-site Exams
  • Oral Defense Work

Education allows several possibilities of content production and delivery. Determining the most appropriate learning strategy depends on the diagnosis made, the scope, the timeframe and the available resources.

Our team has experienced professionals to assist and propose these choices, evaluating its results and realigning the required deliveries.

Work Methodology

We diagnose the development requirements that each project must carry out with students in open courses and in-company programs it is a primal need. Through diagnosis we strongly perform the composition of the course and its methodology, implement the program, engage the participants and then operate the course, with intense or moderate volume of mediation for online content.

To learn more about how we do things, write us.